Enjoy Limited Discount, Only at 2024 Asia Summit on Global Health (ASGH)

Exhibition Information

Eieling Technology will participate in the “International Medical and Health Week” organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. We are excited to showcase our independently developed Liverscan® C at the Asia Summit on Global Health (ASGH) and the Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Exhibition.

Theme Event
Event Name: Launch Ceremony of “LiverCare – Hong Kong 10 Million Liver Scans Program”
Date: May 16, 2024, 17:15 – 18:15
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Asia Summit on Global Health, 3FG Exhibition Hall
Organizer: Initiator of the “Liver Care” program

Limited Time Offer, Only Once!

During the “International Medical and Health Week,” Eieling Technology is pleased to offer you a series of special trading discounts. You will have the opportunity to purchase our independently developed Liverscan® C portable liver elastography ultrasound diagnostic system at a highly competitive discounted price. In addition, you will receive additional technical support and services. This is an excellent opportunity to embrace cutting-edge medical technology and maximize cost-effectiveness.
The first 20 customers who make full payment will enjoy a 50% discount, only requiring 300,000 Hong Kong dollars.


意领科技將參加由香港貿易發展局組織的「國際醫療健康周」。我們很興可以在亞洲醫療健康高峰論壇(ASGH)和香港國際醫療及保健展度展示我們獨立研發的Liverscan® C。

活動名稱:「關愛肝 – 香港百萬人肝病篩查計劃」啟動儀式
活動日期:2024年5月16日 17:15 – 18:15


在「國際醫療健康周」期間,意领科技很高興為您提供一系列特別的交易優惠。您將有機會以極具競爭力的折扣價購買我們獨立研發的Liverscan® C便攜式肝臟彈性成像超聲診斷系統。另外,您還會獲得額外的技術支援同服務。這是一個擁抱尖端醫療技術、實現成本效益最大化的絕佳機會。



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